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Whether you're looking for help or just want to connect with other C# Godot developers, you can find us in our Discord server!

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· 5 min read
2024 written with balloon letters against a backdrop of fireworks and confetti, with the title 'Using Godot with C# in 2024'.

About a year and a half ago, starting a project with Godot and C# was a brave choice. There's always been a C# channel in the main Godot Discord server, but information and tutorials (let alone demos) were all but non-existent.

Now that it's 2024, let's take a look and see how far we've come.

· 39 min read
Game architecture header image.

Game architecture, like all software architecture, tends to be neglected or forgotten as a project goes on. Scalable, enjoyable, production codebases are so rare they're almost mythical.