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๐Ÿค What is Chickensoft?

Chickensoft is an open source organization dedicated to supporting game developers using C# and Godot. Chickensoft currently maintains 15+ open source projects. Chickensoft projects will always be free and open source under the MIT license. We welcome contributions, bug reports, and suggestions!

Chickensoft's open source projects exist to make developing games and applications with C# and Godot easier and faster, while resulting in scalable game codebases that can be rapidly developed and refactored by multiple developers working in a team โ€” i.e., everything you'd expect if you were doing serious app or AA game development. For more on how we approach building games and tools, please see our development philosophy.

Our Discord server has become the home of over 1,000 other C# Godot developers, making it the unofficial Godot + C# grassroots community. We'd love to see you there, hear about your projects, and help (or be helped) in any way we can. We're fortunate to have a lot of really experienced folks there, and we hope you'll decide to join us!

Is your studio using Chickensoft's packages? If so, please tell us about what you're doing!

Our Community

Whether you're looking for help or just want to connect with other C# Godot developers, you can find us in our Discord server!

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Latest Articles

For more on Godot and C#, check out our latest articles!

ยท 15 min read
Article header image. Balloons with icons inside representing the new packages and updates.

Serialization is incredibly important to games, and often painfully difficult to implement well. Unless you just like building serializers, you may find yourself putting off developing a save/load system, especially if you need more than just a simple "what level am I on?" mechanism.

ยท 5 min read
2024 written with balloon letters against a backdrop of fireworks and confetti, with the title 'Using Godot with C# in 2024'.

About a year and a half ago, starting a project with Godot and C# was a brave choice. There's always been a C# channel in the main Godot Discord server, but information and tutorials (let alone demos) were all but non-existent.

Now that it's 2024, let's take a look and see how far we've come.

ยท 38 min read
Game architecture header image.

Game architecture, like all software architecture, tends to be neglected or forgotten as a project goes on. Scalable, enjoyable, production codebases are so rare they're almost mythical.