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📦 Installation

Simply add the following package references to your project's .csproj file (you can find the latest version on Nuget). Don't forget to include the PrivateAssets="all" and OutputItemType="analyzer" attributes on the SuperNodes package reference!

<!-- Include SuperNodes as a Source Generator -->
<PackageReference Include="Chickensoft.SuperNodes" Version="1.1.0" PrivateAssets="all" OutputItemType="analyzer" />

<!-- Type definitions and attributes used by SuperNodes. -->
<!-- By convention, version will be the same as the generator itself. -->
<PackageReference Include="Chickensoft.SuperNodes.Types" Version="1.1.0" />

Because SuperNodes is a source generator, you have to include the PrivateAssets="all" OutputItemType="analyzer" to tell the build system how to use it.

Your node scripts are now ready to be supercharged! In the next section, we'll begin explaining how to take advantage of the features SuperNodes provides.